Month: March 2018

The introvert musings and hilariously true life adventures of a pragmatic optimist and professional writer.

One-Eared Llama Slippers + Police at 1:22 AM

The Bethiverse Style One unremarkable Saturday night, I found myself standing in the middle of the street in my polka-dot pajamas and one-eared llama slippers talking to three police officers at 1:22 AM. Not because I was in trouble or wandering the streets aimlessly, but rather, because I was reading “All the Light We Cannot…
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Personal Branding

As a career marketing, communications, and design professional, branding is one of my super powers. I can pinpoint a company‚Äôs voice, develop its messaging, bring it to life visually, and send it out into the world cohesively and strategically across all global communication realms. I have 5D vision: I know exactly what to say, how…
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