True adventures and observations of an optimistic introvert that will make you laugh, think, or run.

Content Strategist, Manager, and Writer

My content portfolio is as diverse as I am. As a uniquely experienced content strategist, manager, and writer, I’m all about intriguing audiences with the magic words that talk to both humans and search engines. I also think nerdy and thrive on confirming that they’re playing well together with analytics. Whether it’s a blog article, landing page, social post, or marketing email, I get results and organize the dots as I connect them to get things done efficiently. The INTJ in me (my Myers-Briggs type) constantly scans for possible improvements, which saves (me) time and (your company) money so we can both maximize ROI and momentum.


My superpowers are integrity, authenticity, humor, tenacity, optimism, adaptability, logic, and grace under pressure. I’m also a master problem solver, pattern identifier, LEGO builder, and fitted sheet folder.


  • SEO content writing, CaaS, CMS, CX, editing, branding, and best practices
  • Editorial calendar development, driving social engagement, and strategy
  • Technical and medical writing, hybrid marketing, and communications
  • Adobe Creative Cloud, Office 365, WordPress, Salesforce, and Sprout Social


Writing engaging blog stories, systematically cross-promoting content, and improving brand visibility are my faves because they’re about connecting with purpose. The holy grail of projects for me are the ones that include researching, editing, managing compelling content and deliverables, and tracking metrics since my brain gets to fire on all cylinders. Creative visionary + systems-minded = content strategy is my dream job.


Overall tone and SEO keywords are brand-specific, but I breathe life (and humor) into a company’s voice in ways that are unique to me. The creation process is similar: I take what’s working, identify other strengths, and build an editorial calendar that reinforces identity. Audience demographics and target objectives determine the specifics, and I create long-form organic content as a foundation, then build on it with short-form owned and paid media content intended to secure earned media. A sample week in the life of an editorial calendar I’m managing includes a company blog post, industry-relevant article, informative, fun, and/or trending channel-specific social posts, and initial performance metrics. That’s what makes a content manager portfolio fun…it has a little bit of everything. 🙂