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The introvert musings and hilariously true life adventures of a pragmatic optimist and professional writer.

Flip flops in St. Augustine, Florida

Happy National Flip Flop Day!

YAY FOR FLIP FLOP DAY! Anyone who knows me knows that I wear them all year and that Reefs are a borderline religion for me, but June 14th is legitimately National Flip Flop Day, so slip on your favorite pair and allow me to enlighten and entertain you with some fun facts about the world’s…
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Personal Branding

As a career marketing, communications, and design professional, branding is one of my super powers. I can pinpoint a company’s voice, develop its messaging, bring it to life visually, and send it out into the world cohesively and strategically across all global communication realms. I have 5D vision: I know exactly what to say, how…
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