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The introvert musings and hilariously true life adventures of a pragmatic optimist and professional writer.

A Culinary Miracle

‘Kayso, I avoid food pics because they’re mostly silly, but as I was making breakfast this morning, I realized that I was looking at a love-inspired culinary miracle that was worthy for clearly non-aesthetic reasons. Before you judge my shitty plating, bad lighting, and ugly chocolate crepes, you gotta hear why this is a big…
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Birthday Wisdom

‘Kayso, my original intention with this blog was to write a post weekly, with the goal being amusement for all that would eventually result in having tons of material for a book. Yeah…goal ≠ reality. I plan on being better about that, so buckle up, you guys. Or run. I was in Idaho last week…
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The Bethiverse?

The term Bethiverse came about one night when I was having drinks with my friends Ted and Shaun based on all of the “Dear Universe” posts I make on Facebook. It’s the universe from my assigned seat, and all of the things that happen in my little section of it…some hilarious, some mortifying, some inspiring, and some…
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