The introvert musings and hilariously true life adventures of a pragmatic optimist and professional writer.

Climbing an adult jungle gym in the Bethiverse

Welcome to the Bethiverse

INSIDE THE BETHIVERSE Beth Clark + Dear Universe = Bethiverse, which encompasses the hilarious, mortifying, inspiring, and what. the. firetruck things that happen from my assigned seat in the universe, usually involving the human condition as viewed through the sarcastic lens of my rosé colored glasses. The Bethiverse started as a simple blog that evolved…
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Packing Light small suitcase and backpack

The Art of Traveling Light

THE KEY TO TRAVELING LIGHT: PACKING SMART I get that the “traveling light and packing smart” struggle is real. Really, I do. So I try not to judge, but some travelers…holy shit. I always think, “WHY?” Why do people make things so hard for themselves? And take it out on everyone around them? How can…
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Flip flops in St. Augustine, Florida

Happy National Flip Flop Day!

YAY FOR FLIP FLOP DAY! Anyone who knows me knows that I wear them all year and that Reefs are a borderline religion for me, but June 14th is legitimately National Flip Flop Day, so slip on your favorite pair and allow me to enlighten and entertain you with some fun facts about the world’s…
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Just your typical INTJ introvert climbing an adult jungle gym.

Introverts 101

DEAR INTROVERTS: You’re amazing. For reals. Introvert discoveries, inventions, books, songs, and ideas are the reason the world hasn’t reverted to the Dark Ages. Yes, the majority of the population is extroverted and you’re the outliers of the bell curve, but hat only increases the value of your innate strengths and innovative abilities, so embrace…
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Gen X Women, Your Life is NOT a Crisis

After reading an article by Ada Calhoun called “THE NEW MIDLIFE CRISIS: Why (and How) It’s Hitting Gen X Women” on that was disempowering AF, I got mad. Not at Ada Calhoun, because I don’t know her and by all accounts, she’s insightful, funny, and frank, which means we’d probably be friends IRL. Plus,…
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One-Eared Llama Slippers + Police at 1:22 AM

The Bethiverse Style One unremarkable Saturday night, I found myself standing in the middle of the street in my polka-dot pajamas and one-eared llama slippers talking to three police officers at 1:22 AM. Not because I was in trouble or wandering the streets aimlessly, but rather, because I was reading “All the Light We Cannot…
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Personal Branding

As a career marketing, communications, and design professional, branding is one of my super powers. I can pinpoint a company’s voice, develop its messaging, bring it to life visually, and send it out into the world cohesively and strategically across all global communication realms. I have 5D vision: I know exactly what to say, how…
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Things to Rethink

I think about the sayings and commonly accepted beliefs that have somehow become part of American life kind of a lot, mostly in a humorous light; others not so much. Here are five I’d like to vanquish from the universe: Money is the root of all evil. NO. It’s not. Evil is the root of…
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A Culinary Miracle

I generally avoid food pics because they’re ridiculously overdone, but as I was making breakfast this morning, I realized that I was looking at a love-inspired culinary miracle that was worthy for clearly non-aesthetic reasons. Before you judge my shitty plating, bad lighting, and ugly chocolate crepes, you gotta hear why this is a big…
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Birthday Wisdom

‘Kayso, my original intention with this blog was to write a post weekly, with the goal being amusement for all that would eventually result in having tons of material for a book. Yeah…goal ≠ reality. I plan on being better about that, so buckle up, you guys. Or run. I was in Idaho last week…
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