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Biochrom brand page of new Harvard Bioscience website.

Then Prince, now King Charles III at Biochrom’s UK headquarters.

Spectrophotometry product category page of new HBIO website.

Harvard Bioscience website HEKA brand page.

1991 Nobel Prize-winning ion channel pioneers Neher and Sakmann.

Scientific Services page of new HBIO website.

HBIO website Behavior product category page.

HBIO Behavior category photo of ISS astronauts.

BTX brand page of new Harvard Bioscience website.

Harvard Bioscience Electroporation + Electrofusion new website product category page.

HBIO Electroporation + Electrofusion page’s Clone Thong…first/only water buffalo cloned from an ear fibroblast.

Harvard Bioscience website Surgical Equipment category page.

Harvard Apparatus page of new HBIO website.

Harvard Apparatus brand page trivia + founder Dr. William Porter photo.

Harvard Bioscience website Multi Channel Systems (MCS) page.

New Harvard Bioscience website Telemetry page.

Telemetry product category page trivia section.

HBIO website Warner brand page.

Harvard Bioscience Ion Channel Research product category page trivia.

Healthware Group interview with RecycleHealth founder Lisa Gualtieri.

Novartis Digital Innovation Biome Challenge launched at Frontiers Health 2021.

MSD Healthware Group European Digital Health Awards winner announcement.

Healthware Group Jonah Comstock Editor-in-Chief press release.

Healthware Group Yannick Valenti key hire press release.

Healthware Group SWM acquisition press release.

Healthware Group OTC Toolbox announcement.

Healthware Group Heather Barnes J&J Innovation article.

Healthware Group Women’s Equality Day LinkedIn post

“The Science of A Wrinkle in Time” blog for Madeline L’Engle’s birthday.

ThriftBooks National Pi Day blog.

ThriftBooks Stradivari National Violin Day blog.

ThriftBooks Peculiar People Day blog.

ThriftBooks NORAD Tracks Santa blog.

ThriftBooks Author-Illustrator Duos blog.

ThriftBooks National Vodka Day blog.

ThriftBooks May the 4th Be With You blog.

ThriftBooks “Dear Books” Valentine’s Day blog.

ThriftBooks Remote Working Advantages and Realities blog.

ThriftBooks National Bikini Day blog.

ThriftBooks blog about the life of inventor and actress Hedy Lamarr.

ThriftBooks National Hobbit Day IG Post 1.

ThriftBooks National Hobbit Day IG Post 2.

ThriftBooks Werner Heisenberg IG post.

ThriftBooks National Dog Day Instagram post.

ThriftBooks Coming Out Day Instagram post.

ThriftBooks “On Top of Spaghetti” Facebook post with metrics/10K+ reach.

ThriftBooks Starting Monthly Pinterest Viewers: 228,988.

ThriftBooks  Monthly Pinterest Viewers 8 weeks later: 426,333.

Women In History essay contest poster.

Jet City Amplification brochure translated to English and updated.

Ideal Protein Coaches, Clinic, and Training Manuals.


I write compelling content that audiences read and globally engaging stories that get results.

From long-form to metadata, I find the words that talk to humans and search engines.

new link Multicolored, zoomed in scanning electron microscope image.

Glowing Recommendations

Beth was the first copywriter I brought on to develop copy and content for our new website launch. She brought a uniquely compelling tone and voice to typically dry scientific product information. In addition to being a master at her craft, Beth took a leadership role in helping to manage the project, provide SEO expertise, and bring a steady calm to a very chaotic environment. I can’t wait to have the opportunity to work with her again.

Laurence Hines

Marketing Director,

Harvard Bioscience

As a senior copywriter on a large-scale website project I managed, Beth got up to speed quickly, produced high quality work, filled in many gaps, operated independently without a lot of direction or support from HBIO,  and was a reliable constant throughout the process. She more than pulled her weight with writing, but also with building pages in Drupal, researching, and creating process documents and copy templates.

Nikki Frank

Digital Marketing Manager

Harvard Bioscience

As a new VP from out of state, I came to rely on Beth’s keen understanding of the company’s culture and needs. I also observed how well she handled complex situations, difficult people, and challenging projects. She was dedicated, built solid peer and vendor relationships, and completed her work with consistently incredible creativity.

Travis Franklin

Sr. Marketing Manager, Quality Logic

We hired Beth to do our corporate communications work. She’s detail oriented, efficient, talented, and very responsive to input. She’s amazingly thorough…you can hand her something and it gets done exactly. She’d be a great asset to your organization!!

Bo Cooke

Director of Operations, GKMD, Inc.

Beth is a talented, experienced writer with a strong sense of creativity and uniquely compelling style. She communicates clearly, is proactive, and interprets project objectives successfully. Beth is professional, diplomatic, and a natural leader who works well as part of a team. She is easily able to manage both the details and big picture of projects and enjoyable to work with. I would highly recommend Beth for any role.

Merriah Harkins

Innovation Capital Solutions

Beth is a talented writer and marketing content professional who can turn even the most difficult situations into advantages for all sides. Her passion for learning, improving, excelling in all she tackles, and delivering results will serve her well and make her an asset to any company she’s part of.

Andrew Woodcock

VP of Operations,
Saxton Bradley, Inc.



Content is king, and I am its queen. From brainstorming to creating, researching to writing, developing to implementing, and analyzing to adapating, people and search engines engage with my words and images.


I’ve written articles, bios, blogs, web pages, brochures, case studies, emails, ads, social posts, marketing collateral, microcopy, presentations, press releases, product descriptions, scripts, user guides, white papers, and more.

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