I'm Beth, and this quadrant of my universe contains my portfolio and blog. "WORK" takes you to a gallery of my writing and content projects and "PLAY" takes you to my blog of Italimericana adventures, introvert observations, and true life stories that will make you laugh, cringe, or think.


I create engaging content that gets results and write compelling stories people want to read.

As a strategic but intuitive writer with design roots, content is my superpower. From long-form articles to meta tags, I find the CX+SEO words that talk to humans and search engines.

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What I Do (and Why)

The goal of content is connecting the right message with the right people at the right time, so I systematically combine imagination, intellect, and inquiry with patterns and possibilities in a constantly evolving environment.


Whatever the industry, company size, or platform, content is king with and I am its queen. From ground level to cruising altitude, brainstorming to creating, researching to writing, developing to implementing, and analyzing to adapating, people and search engines engage with my words and images.


I’ve written it all, from ads, bios, blogs, brochures, case studies, door hangers, emails, landing pages, microcopy, presentations, press releases, product descriptions, scripts, social posts, taglines, user guides, and white papers. My default tone is authenticity with relatable humor, but I adjust for diverse target audiences.


Being the “Oz behind the omnichannel curtain” (minus the big green head) who motivates, educates, inspires, and amuses in ways that engage and grow followers is the best, and my inner nerd secretly loves ROAS and CRO analysis. #bonus


Writing is my first love, strategy is my second, and organizing is my third. If there’s a better way to allocate resources or streamline a process, I will find it. And if there isn’t a system in place for something, I will create one.


The content world is vast…these are just a few of my favorite things.

Blog article published in honor of National Introvert Week

Celebrating quirky “National Whatever” days and weeks is a fun part of content management, especially when it’s an homage to my MBTI personality type.

Stradivarius blog article published on National Violin Day

What do music, quantum physics, the Dolomites, the golden ratio, and the “little ice age” that begin in the year 1300 have in common? More than you’d think.

“The Science of A Wrinkle in Time” blog published on Madeline L’Engle’s birthday

Writing anything science-y is my favorite, but this article was especially fun since I connected with the astrophysicist Disney hired as their science consultant for the movie.

National Dog Day Instagram post

Creating content that stands out among a million other posts on the same thing, yet still manages to be uniquely relatable is an ongoing social media challenge. For National Dog Day, fun photo angle + dogs + Bill Murray quote = success!

Hobbit Day Instagram with record “Likes”

Every September 22nd, hobbitses and other Middle-earth creatures celebrate the shared birthday of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins. In 2018, I #nailedit on International Hobbit Day with this original meme that received 1,925+ organic likes…4x the previous all-time high.

Stinky Cheese Man Insta post in honor of Jon Scieszka’s birthday

Jon Scieszka is an all-time favorite author, and “Squids Will be Squids” will never not be funny. To celebrate his birthday, I went with The Stinky Cheese Man, which Jon Scieszka himself replied to. (#fangirl moment!)

The Bethiverse Blog

What I write about varies, but the irreverent humor and “logic above all” thinking that fuels my observations of the human condition doesn’t. Recurring themes are true adventures from my Italian life, amusing and mortifying stories from my previous one, travel tips, life hacks, INTJ humor, ingenious ideas, and things I want to I remember when I’m old and drinking chianti on a sunny terrazza toscana. If what I have to say resonates, subscribe and follow me on Instagram. If it doesn’t, so long and thanks for all the fish.

Permesso di Soggiorno packet

Moving to Italy: the Visa-Permesso Process

So, You Think You Want to Move to Italy Actually, you probably don’t. I wrote an article on why that I gently nudge anyone considering moving to Italy to read.[…]

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Beth with Duomo

So, You Want to Move to Italy

Actually, you probably don’t, and here’s why. I mean that sincerely, not in a gatekeeper or “wink, wink” kind of way. It’s not that Italy’s not stunning or that moving[…]

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Two glasses of Prosecco

Saluti to National Prosecco Day

Ciao a tutti, this is an updated version of a USA National Prosecco Day article published in 2018 on the official day, which is August 13th. Because I’ve been busy,[…]

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The Next Chapter

ThriftBooks launched from a storage unit in 2007. By 2018, they were one of the largest online booksellers globally, and sold over 12 million new and used titles. As the Content Manager, I defined and became the company’s cross-channel voice, managed a busy editorial calendar, wrote twice-weekly blog articles for 1M subscribers, and drove social engagement.


Increasing brand awareness, improving blog article quality, and maximizing relatability with humor focused on SEO and engagement led to an 18% email open rate increase, correlating revenue boost, and 220% subscriber growth in 90 days. Featured titles sold out rapidly and necessitatec partnering with a fulfillment company to augment used inventory with new books for the first time.


Consistency and a more personable voice grew Facebook organic reach 190%, engagements 85%, “Likes” 42%, and website clicks 132%. Instagram followers doubled, engagement grew 490%, and 12% of posts had >1000 likes, with a record 1,925 (previous was 533.) Pinterest gained 280K viewers in 4 months, monthly engaged went from 8.8K to 27.1K, daily impressions grew 398%, and website clicks 350%.


A few words from people I’ve worked for.

 As a new VP from out of state, I came to rely on Beth’s keen understanding of the company’s culture and needs. I also observed how well she handled  complex situations, difficult people,   and challenging projects. She was dedicated, built solid peer and vendor relationships, and completed her work with consistently incredible creativity.

Travis Franklin

Sr. Marketing Manager, Quality Logic

We hired Beth to do our corporate communications work. She’s detail oriented, efficient, talented, and very responsive to input. She’s amazingly thorough…you can hand her something and it gets done exactly. She’d be a great asset to your organization!!

Bo Cooke

Director of Operations, GKMD, Inc.

Beth has a clean, effective writing style and easily interprets project objectives. She is professional, detail-oriented, diplomatic, and enjoyable to be around. Beth also managed her own projects and her ability to meet deadlines while working on multiple assignments without compromising branding principles and was impressive.

Merriah Harkins

EVP, GWG Holdings, Inc.

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INTJs are pragmatic, yet eternally optimistic enigmas and probable love children of Vulcans and unicorns. Driven by logic, we’re fundamentally quirky, analytical, efficient, creative, hilarious, blunt but honest, and original…we never thought IN the box.


Sono nata americana ma il mio cuore è italiana. Dalla pipì in Italia alla preparazione dei bagagli per un viaggio di 10 giorni sulla costa, questa parte riguarda le cose italiane, da qualcuno che vive qui.


I love slaying digital and real-world clutter to make order out of chaos. Consequently, I’m really good at it, and have actually been hired by both companies and individuals solely via word of mouth to help them get (and stay) organized.

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