Month: December 2019

The introvert musings and hilariously true life adventures of a pragmatic optimist and professional writer.

The Real MBTI Preferences as Defined by The Real Myers-Briggs Company

(And Why You Should Take the Real MBTI Assessment Before Talking About Your “MBTI” Type) PREFACE: WHY I HEART THE MBTI® WORLD Before you delve into the (hopefully) clarifying and enlightening info below regarding the actual MBTI preferences, I gotta tell you why I heart the world of the MBTI® assessment. As the rarest Myers-Briggs®…
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The Medici Quartet Stradivarius tenor viola and cello at the Galleria dell'Accademia.

Why Stradivarius Violins Sing

Stradivarius violins are works of alchemical art, and with just 512 left in the world, only the true elite of the musical world (or the extremely rich) get to play them. Long before I moved to Italy and stood mesmerized by the beauty of the Medici Stradivarius quintet at the Galleria dell’Accademia (including a rare…
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