The Bethiverse (Beth Clark + Dear Universe) is about what I do personally and professionally, the things I love (i.e., gelato and plane tickets), lessons I’ve learned, and true tales of my what the firetruck life in Italy, perpetually lived through rosé-colored glasses.

You’ll laugh at some, cringe at others, and wonder if I’m magical in between. (Ahem, yes.) But thanks to the small yet loyal tribe of longtime friends who convinced me to write down and share the (mis)adventures, amusing situations, and quirky people that have a way of finding me, here we are.

So, if you’re looking for my portfolio, fantastic. If you got here by Googling “moving to Italy” or “how to use an Italian toilet,” benvenuti. You’ll find answers to those and other mysteries in my blog. (Bonus: you’ll learn how touse a bidet and pee at the top of Vesuvius while you’re at it!)


Inwardly, I’m Beth Clark the unicorn-Vulcan hybrid with an untamed sense of wonder fueled by a propensity for adventure and relentless optimism. It’s what springs me out of bed most mornings. I also have a twisted sense of humor, vivid imagination, mad Scrabble skills, and a pink Fender Stratocaster that I may even learn how to play one day.


Outwardly, I’m Beth Clark the content writer with graphic design roots. I love finding the magic words that send UX, SEO, and CX on a play date, waving my wand, then analyzing the metrics. And since organizing is my forte, I slay digital and analog chaos. 


I moved to Florence, Italy in November 2019. As with pandemics throughout history, not much went according to plan. BUT! I’m still here three years later, and determined to stay on my trajectory of becoming an elegant old lady drinking prosecco on a sunny Italian terrazza with a sausage dog at my feet. And possibly a grumpy but kindhearted and clever-witted old Italian husband somewhere in the vicinity.

I love art and physics, so having Botticelli’s “Primavera” within walking distance of Galileo’s pickled middle finger (true story) basically makes Florence my soulmate. Il mio cuore è Italiana ma la mia bocca è un po’ irreverente.

I mostly write about the realities of living in and technical aspects of moving to Italy, with some introvert epiphanies (e.g., la dolce vita is a lie) and random observations made from the Italian leather saddle of my pink Sergio Bianchi bicicletta sprinkled in. (The guy who could’ve been the love of my life once named a Vespa after me, but I don’t actually own one yet.)

I also share practical things like where to buy Ziploc bags, but defer to my fellow writers Georgette and Coral for things like where to shop or eat. FYI, you won’t find “insider secrets” on here. I keep noon-tourist things private since people can have a weird sense of entitlement about Italy. but there will be none of that “Eat, Pray, Love” nonsense here.


As an introvert who works remotely, I live in my head a lot, so by the time I say a thing out loud, I’ve already done a SWOT analysis and developed a strategy. I’m one of the .08% of females with the INTJ personality type, known as the “masterminds,” “architects,” and “conceptual planners” of the MBTI world. We’re pragmatic enigmas who are creative, analytical, decisive, honest, efficient, funny, and strategic but imaginative thinkers. We tend to be intriguing on our quiet days and weird AF at full volume, so yeah, not a boring existence.


Adulting is hard sometimes. If I make you laugh, inspire you to do good, or help you circumnavigate a lesson I learned the hard way, my work here is done. If you like what I’m about, grazie and feel free to follow me on Instagram.

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