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Birthday Wishes and Wisdom

Good Intentions and Idaho Girlfriends One of my birthday wishes this year was to celebrate it with part of my tribe of lifetime girlfriends, so one long road trip to Idaho later, there I was. And there we were, having way more fun than any of us thought grownups were capable of when we were…
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Tom Ford Fabulous Perfume

The String Cheese Incident

(As in actual string cheese, not the band.) THE SETUP I’ve always been a bit of an outlier, but my friends like and accept me anyway, so I tend to just roll with it because, well, I’m me. A lot of my uniqueness stems from the random stuff that happens to me. Theoretically, it could…
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Embarrassing Questions

When my friend Pat asked “What was the most embarrassing question you ever had to ask a professional?” I immediately had an answer, and doubt I’ll ever top the story I’m about to tell you, so read on for a little comic relief. I’m independent and resourceful, and always looking for ways to improve things, reallocate finances,…
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Adulting Instructions

First instruction…save your work as you go! Seriously, I spent two hours writing a profound but funny post that was seconds away from being finished, then had an ADD moment and closed the browser tab. ‘Sokay though…my original wisdom is now part of the ether. 🙂 The gist of it was that while I definitely don’t…
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An Ode to Boyfriends Past

Twas the week before Christmas, when I suddenly found Ex-boyfriends were stirring, all over town. Their reasons were varied and mostly legit In hopes that I’d forgiven all their past shit. The waiter was doing his usual chores While envisioning Scrabble victories galore. And he in his Carhartts, and I in my jeans, Made me…
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WTF is The Bethiverse

The term Bethiverse came about one night over drinks with my friends Ted and Shaun. We were talking about the “Dear Universe” Facebook posts I make, and *poof* there it was. It’s essentially all of the things that happen in my little quadrant of the universe. Some are hilarious, some are mortifying, some are inspiring, and…
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