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The hilariously true life adventures and musings of a pragmatic introvert and professional writer.

How Hedy Lamarr Changed the World (and Still Is)

Who Hedy Lamarr was and why it matters If you’ve never heard of Hedy Lamarr, it pains me that you’re not alone, so I’m making it my mission to change that. She’s best known for being an actress, but that’s not how she changed the world. Among other things, she was a brilliant inventor who shaped…
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Peeing in Italy

PEEING IN ITALY: THE BASICS The fact that an entire blog article devoted to peeing in Italy exists should be your first indicator of what an adventure it can be. Despite the cheeky (bahaha) tone, my goal is to prepare and educate you so that from the moment you step onto Italian soil, your risk…
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The Amalfi Coast of Italy

Amalfi Coast Travel: Pro Tips

THE AMALFI COAST: ALL THAT AND OH, SO MUCH MORE Amalfi Coast travel tips from someone (like me) who knows it well can make visiting one of the most stunning places on the planet even more magical, and less stressful. But I also believe strongly that non-native Italians who write about Italy (like me) have…
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The True MBTI Preferences as Defined by Myers-Briggs

(And Why You Should Take the Real MBTI Assessment Before Talking About Your “MBTI” Type) PREFACE: WHY I HEART THE MBTI® WORLD Before you delve into the (hopefully) clarifying and enlightening info below regarding the actual MBTI preferences, I gotta tell you why I heart the world of the MBTI® assessment. As the rarest Myers-Briggs®…
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The Medici Quartet Stradivarius tenor viola and cello at the Galleria dell'Accademia.

Why Stradivarius Violins Sing

Stradivarius violins are works of alchemical art, and with just 512 left in the world, only the true elite of the musical world (or the extremely rich) get to play them. Long before I moved to Italy and stood mesmerized by the beauty of the Medici Stradivarius quintet at the Galleria dell’Accademia (including a rare…
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Climbing an adult jungle gym in the Bethiverse

Welcome to the Bethiverse

INSIDE THE BETHIVERSE Beth Clark + Dear Universe = Bethiverse, which encompasses the hilarious, mortifying, inspiring, and what. the. firetruck things that happen from my assigned seat in the universe, usually involving the human condition as viewed through the sarcastic lens of my rosé colored glasses. The Bethiverse started as a simple blog that evolved…
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Packing Light small suitcase and backpack

The Art of Traveling Light

THE KEY TO TRAVELING LIGHT: PACK SMART I get that the “traveling light and packing smart” struggle is real. Really, I do. And I try not to judge, but some travelers…holy shit. When I see people with two ginormous (and heavy) wheeled suitcases, an under-seat carry-on, a backpack, an overstuffed shopping tote, and a purse,…
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Flip flops in St. Augustine, Florida

Happy National Flip Flop Day!

YAY FOR FLIP FLOP DAY! Anyone who knows me knows that I wear them all year and that Reefs are a borderline religion for me, but June 14th is legitimately National Flip Flop Day, so slip on your favorite pair and allow me to enlighten and entertain you with some fun facts about the world’s…
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Just your typical INTJ introvert climbing an adult jungle gym.

Introverts 101

DEAR INTROVERTS: You’re amazing. For reals. Introvert discoveries, inventions, books, songs, and ideas are the reason the world hasn’t reverted to the Dark Ages. Yes, the majority of the population is extroverted and you’re the outliers of the bell curve, but hat only increases the value of your innate strengths and innovative abilities, so embrace…
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Gen X Women, Your Life is NOT a Crisis

As a a Gen X woman in “midlife” who finds it mildly amusing that the Millennial-Baby Boomer feud gets so much attention that Gen X gets omitted entirely from fairly high profile lists, I was intrigued when I saw the headline for an article on called “THE NEW MIDLIFE CRISIS: Why (and How) It’s…
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