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Author Beth Clark climbing an adult jungle gym in Seattle, WA.

Welcome to the Bethiverse

INSIDE THE BETHIVERSE Beth Clark + Dear Universe = Bethiverse – the stories of my what the firetruck life lived boldly through Italian rosé colored glasses. What started as a simple blog with no real plan has become a multipurpose website that I’m planning as I go. Sometimes what happens in the Bethiverse is funny,…
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Black Mia Toro Leggero small suitcase and black Herschel backpack, stacked and ready to go.

How to Master the Art of Packing Light

Packing light is the key to traveling light. Packing light is probably in my DNA given my lifelong need for efficiency and love of organizing. So, while I’m pretty sure my excess baggage aversion stems from some sort of prime directive to create order, it was definitely influenced further by watching my mother lug ginormous…
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Author Beth Clark wearing her favorite Reef flip flops in St. Augustine, Florida.

Happy National Flip Flop Day!

YAY FOR FLIP FLOP DAY! Anyone who knows me knows that I wear them all year and that Reefs are a borderline religion for me, but June 14th is legitimately National Flip Flop Day, so slip on your favorite pair and allow me to enlighten and entertain you with some fun facts about the world’s…
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Just your typical INTJ introvert climbing an adult jungle gym.

Introverts 101

Dear Introverts: Before we delve into Introverts 101, let me just reinforce how aamazing you are. For reals. Introvert discoveries, inventions, books, songs, and ideas are the reason the world hasn’t reverted to the Dark Ages. Yes, the majority of the population is extroverted. However, being the outliers of the bell curve only increases the…
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The author Beth Clark looking out the window on a flight from Rome to Frankfurt.

Gen X Women, Your Life is NOT a Crisis

As a a Gen X woman in “midlife” who finds it mildly amusing that the Millennial-Baby Boomer feud gets so much attention that Gen X gets omitted entirely from fairly high profile lists, I was intrigued when I saw the headline for an article on called “THE NEW MIDLIFE CRISIS: Why (and How) It’s…
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The author Beth Clark's feet wearing llama slippers missing one ear.

One-Eared Llama Slippers, Police & 1:22 am

One unremarkable Saturday night in the Bethiverse… I came to be standing in the middle of the street at 1:22 am in my polka-dot pajamas and one-eared llama slippers talking to three policemen. Not because I was in trouble or wandering aimlessly, but rather, because I was reading “All the Light We Cannot See” and…
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Things to Rethink

I think about the sayings and commonly accepted beliefs that have somehow become part of American life kind of a lot, mostly in a humorous light; others not so much. Here are five I’d like to vanquish from the universe: Money is the root of all evil. NO. It’s not. Evil is the root of…
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Photo of a pink cupcake with glitter and a cherry on top.

Birthday Wishes and Wisdom

Good Intentions and Idaho Girlfriends One of my birthday wishes this year was to celebrate it with part of my tribe of lifetime girlfriends, so one long road trip to Idaho later, there I was. And there we were, having way more fun than any of us thought grownups were capable of when we were…
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Tom Ford Fabulous Perfume

The String Cheese Incident

(As in actual string cheese, not the band.) THE SETUP I’ve always been a bit of an outlier, but my friends like and accept me anyway, so I tend to just roll with it because, well, I’m me. A lot of my uniqueness stems from the random stuff that happens to me. Theoretically, it could…
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Embarrassing Questions

When my friend Pat asked “What was the most embarrassing question you ever had to ask a professional?” I immediately had an answer, and doubt I’ll ever top the story I’m about to tell you, so read on for a little comic relief. I’m independent and resourceful, and always looking for ways to improve things, reallocate finances,…
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