The Bethiverse?

The introvert musings and hilariously true life adventures of a pragmatic optimist and professional writer.

The Bethiverse?

The term Bethiverse came about one night when I was having drinks with my friends Ted and Shaun based on all of the “Dear Universe” posts I make on Facebook. It’s the universe from my assigned seat, and all of the things that happen in my little section of it…some hilarious, some mortifying, some inspiring, and some just plain what. the. fuck.

I’ve inadvertently entertained people who know me with my unedited and sometimes adventurous life, including a recent twist of fate that is so rare and amazing that I can’t even write about it yet.

The sometimes not-so-innocent friends who’ve stuck with me over the years (probably to see what will happen next) were the ones who regularly pointed out the abundance of things that don’t happen to the average person, and ultimately convinced me to start this blog and write a book. Both of which I’m finally doing, because even if they’re wrong, I want to remember this shit when I’m old and drinking Chianti on a sunny terrace somewhere in Italy.

In a perfect world (full of rainbows, unicorns, and Star Wars puns), if I can make you laugh, think, want to be me/feel relieved as hell that you’re not me, and maybe even inspire you to do good things, that’s a win. If I do none of the above, you obviously take life waaay too seriously and you should stick with CNN. At the very least, we all need a momentary escape from the “real” world, because I don’t care who you are, adulting is hard sometimes.

On that note, benvenuto, and if you’re still here, yay!


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