Welcome to the Bethiverse

Welcome to the Bethiverse

Climbing an adult jungle gym in the Bethiverse


Beth Clark + Dear Universe = Bethiverse, which encompasses the hilarious, mortifying, inspiring, and what. the. firetruck things that happen from my assigned seat in the universe, usually involving the human condition as viewed through the sarcastic lens of my rosé colored glasses.

The Bethiverse started as a simple blog that evolved into a multifunctional “this is me, this is my world, this is what I do for work, this is where I travel, and this is how I play” website (and morphed into a book…more on that soon).

I’m all about efficiency, so if you’re here to see my portfolio and don’t have time to care who I am, cool. Conversely, if you just wanna know about me, there you go. Or just keep reading…either way, you’re in the right place.


Everything that happens in the Bethiverse is real…I can’t make this shit up. Sometimes it’s funny. Sometimes not. But it’s always unedited (except for grammar!), honest, and frequently silly, thought-provoking, unbelievable, or all of the above. I tone some things down a bit, but never do I ever embellish. It took a long time to see the abundance of amazing, adventurous, and ridiculous things that only happen to me, but thanks to the not-so-innocent friends who’ve stuck with me over the years (to see what goes down next), I’m vaguely aware of how amusing the twisted fables of my adulthood can be.


I love Botticelli and physics equally, so Firenze, l’Italia è la mia anima gemella (Florence, Italy is my soul mate). Nowhere else can you find “Primavera” and Galileo’s middle finger within walking distance of each other or have bistecca alla fiorentina and a glass of chianti for 16€, followed by the best gelato alla nocciola in the world for 4€. Italy is more than just my bestie though, so in addition to blog posts about varie cose italiane, it also has its own page. Which you’ll thank me for if you’re ever about to pee yourself at the top of Mt. Vesuvius. Just sayin’.

Other Bethiverse content includes life as a female INTJ (a Myers-Briggs human unicorn, aka the love child of a Vulcan and unicorn), quantum physics and science in general, books, authors, literary things, art and art history, travel, organizing, ADD, gluten-free ideas, life hacks, fostering kittens, playing outside, random observations, and commentary on the human condition.


Whoever you are, whatever you do, and wherever you live, adulting is hard sometimes. Besides entertaining my future self, my intention is to be a momentary pause from reality for anyone who needs it, which is why this blog exists. Also, I want to remember this shit when I’m an old dog lady drinking chianti on a sunny Italian terrazza. In a perfect world (full of travel without jet lag, unicorns, and Star Wars puns), if I make you to laugh or think, help you circumnavigate the lessons I’ve learned the hard way, or inspire you to do good, bonus. If I do none of that, you may want to take life and/or yourself less seriously, open your mind, or get screened for depression (<– not even remotely a joke).


I have ambitious #goals underway, so I incorporated my portfolio and professional world into the Bethiverse because managing two separate websites wasted energy I’d rather devote to working. Partly because I love waving my magic wand to help companies thrive, but mostly, working = I get paid. “Altruism” is a pretty word but rent and plane tickets require legit income.

Professional Beth Clark is a content manager, social strategist, writer, editor, and blogger, which you’re getting a taste of now. I’ve been writing since I was three (#truestory), so that’s always been part of my career, but my official launch was as a graphic designer. From there I meandered into marketing, which led to content management, and I love, love, LOVE what I do. If you’re hazy on what content management is, Wikipedia explains it perfectly. If you’re good to go on viewing my work, this is the way to hire me.


MBTI® data says INTJ females comprise 0.08% of the global population. That makes us rare jacks-of-all-trades and masterminds who see possibilities, patterns, and solutions. As the love children of Vulcans and unicorns, we strive for constant improvement with unmatched logic and optimism. We think outside the box because we were never in it. Content is the best of all worlds because it evolves rapidly and combines creativity, words, and images with strategy, analysis, and responsiveness. It’s also critical to the success of all companies, and successful ones know that.

You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.

Ayn Rand


Unless specifically indicated otherwise, everything I write and/or create on here, or anywhere else, is copyrighted by me. If you want to share it for non-commercial purposes and give me credit, fabulous. But if you take my stuff and use it as yours or don’t tag it, I will send a flock of angry fairies disguised as my lawyer to curse you. So, don’t…stealing is shitty.


You’re still here…yay! And benvenuto. If you wanna know something I haven’t already answered somewhere, it’s probably because it’s none of your beeswax, but feel free to ask. Apologies for requiring an email address, but I’m burned out on bots that want to set me up with svetlana6xxx, preach the miracles of CBD oil, or enlarge my penis, so I gotta verify that you’re human.

That’s it for today, but I’ll be ecstatic if you’ll take 19 seconds to subscribe to my blog (pleeeease), and eternally grateful if follow me on Instagram (per favore con una ciliegia in cima)! I keep LinkedIn mostly professional and Facebook mostly personal, but you can find me there too.

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