Welcome to the Bethiverse

Welcome to the Bethiverse

Author Beth Clark climbing an adult jungle gym in Seattle, WA.


Beth Clark + Dear Universe = Bethiverse – the stories of my what the firetruck life lived boldly through Italian rosé colored glasses. What started as a simple blog with no real plan has become a multipurpose website that I’m planning as I go.

Sometimes what happens in the Bethiverse is funny, and sometimes it’s cringey, but beyond editing for grammar or changing the names of the not-so-innocent, it’s all true. It took decades to embrace the unique opportunities, people, and experiences that tend to find their way to me. And thanks to a small band of fiercely loyal friends who’ve stuck with me (in part to see what goes down next), I eventually decided I was brave enough to share the twisted adventures that ensue. I’m not for everybody, but I banished anyone who shamed me for being different, screamed at me for being “selfish,” or tried to keep me small a while ago and have no interest in replacements.


I love art and physics equally, so Botticelli’s “Primavera” being within walking distance of Galileo’s pickled middle finger (yes, really) and having the best gelato in the world just down the street from my apartment pretty much makes Florence my soul mate.

I write about Italy, travel, misadventures, epiphanies, random observations on the human condition, life as an INTJ female, manifesting, and irreverent humor, with sprinkles of organizing hacks, literary trivia, and discoveries made from the seat of my pink Sergio Bianchi bike. (I don’t own a Vespa yet, but the guy I thought might wind up being the love of my life named one after me…surely that counts for something?)

If you’re interested in my portfolio, there you go, and see you on LinkedIn. If you want shopping suggestions or foodie tips, Georgette and Coral are your girls, not me. But if you’re ever about to pee yourself at the top of Mt. Vesuvius? I’ve got you. FYI, I don’t share “insider secrets” because people have a weird sense of entitlement about Italy that can make them behave like locusts.


Whoever you are, whatever you do, wherever you live, adulting is hard sometimes. In a perfect world (of jet lag-free travel, Star Wars puns, and unicorns), if I make you to laugh, help you circumnavigate lessons I learned the hard way, or inspire you to do good, bonus. If I fail on all three, you may want to open your mind or get screened for depression (<– not kidding).


I love waving my magic SEO wand to help companies thrive, but also, I work so I get paid, because rent and plane tickets. Professional Beth Clark is a copywriter, content manager, and social strategist who’s been writing since Montessori school. So, even though I started out as a graphic designer before morphing into marketing, words have always been the core of my career, and content is the best of all worlds. It evolves rapidly and combines creativity, text, and images with strategy, analysis, and responsiveness. Plus, it’s universally essential to all business sectors.


INTJs are essentially the blunt but funny love children of Vulcans and unicorns who constantly strive for improvement with unrelenting optimism. Depending on the personality test, we’re known as the “masterminds,” “architects,” and “conceptual planners.” Only 0.08% of the female population is INTJ, so if you ever meet one of us in real life, you’ll probably be intrigued…maybe in a good way, or maybe not. Just remember that we’re jacks-of-all-trades who innately think outside the box because we’ve never been in it.


Unless specified otherwise, everything I publish on here is written, photographed, copyrighted, and owned by ME. If you want to share something for non-commercial purposes and give me credit, cool. But if you take my stuff and use it as yours or don’t tag it, I will send a flock of angry fairies (and my lawyer) to curse you, so don’t…stealing is shitty.

Grazie and don’t forget to bookmark my blog! (You can also follow me on Instagram if you want.)

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